The company maintains partnerships with large producers and exporters in Cyprus, France, Spain, Holland, Egypt, Argentina, for the import of its products.

With systematic trips to the suppliers, the company takes care of the thorough control of the sorting process, packaging, unloading and control with an uninterrupted presence at every stage, ensuring the receipt of the loads in excellent condition and following all the procedures of the Law.


The most important countries include Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and the main export products are Potatoes and Watermelons.

Based on the "Quality - Consistency - Price" relationship, our company expands its sales in the European markets and fully responds to the special requirements of customers, resulting in the ever-increasing demand for the company's products.


The mission of BBF FORWARDING SERVICES is to supply fresh fruits and vegetables of high quality and to ensure the health of consumers, through a thorough Safety & Hygiene Policy of the traded products.

It has managed to obtain stable partnerships with Greek producers and branded houses abroad, thus ensuring competitive prices and the continuous availability of its products throughout the year.


BBF FORWARDING SERVICES continuously offers its services in the field of international road transport in the Greek and European Market.

We have a deep knowledge of car and refrigerated vans, which is why we stand out for our personalized service and promptness in the transport request.

In the years we have been active, we have developed a wide and reliable network of Partners-Correspondents and Collaborating Trucks, with the aim of serving every possible need of our Customers.

Direct responses to many European cities and knowledge of the cargo route allow us to deliver goods on time and safely


We aim every day to optimize response and transfer times to your every request.

We connect Europe

We transport your valuables